These Are Common Wrong Assumptions About Carpet Maintenance

Installing a new carpet is indeed a valuable investment for the rejuvenation of the interior appearance of the house. Most homeowners have a wrong view about carpet care in general but there are actually some amazing facts about carpet care. That’s why some of them often don’t understand the importance of hiring the Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches from time to time.

The following are some of the assumptions that are most believed by homeowners about the care of the carpet in the house:

Buying cheap rugs will save a budget

This is an assumption most homeowners have when choosing a new carpet for their home. For reasons of low prices that can save a budget, homeowners tend to choose this type of carpet that is usually of poor quality. Especially if the discount offer is massive, of course, homeowners do not think twice. Carpets with low prices tend not to last because the fabric fibers used are not resistant to stains.

Carpets that are still new do not need to be cleaned

This assumption is widely believed by homeowners because they think that their carpets are only around 1-2 years old. They tend to only clean their carpets once they’re old and dirty. Unwittingly, there is a lot of dust that is very small and does not look attached to the carpet which can cause damage.

For that, you have to clean the carpet regularly so that the age of the carpet you have can last a long time and of course this will also maintain the health of family members because dust can be minimized as much as possible.

The carpet does not need to be professionally cleaned because homeowners have their own cleaners

It is possible that homeowners have a good quality vacuum cleaner that can clean dust particles on the carpet. In addition, homeowners with confidence to wash their own carpets are actually not recommended because it is possible that the soap used contains chemicals that can damage the carpet material.

Therefore, you need to hire professionals to clean your carpet from time to time, so all dirt and dangerous substances can be removed from your carpet entirely.

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