Usually, we do things like chop wood using ordinary saws, but some people work with jigsaws. To use jigsaw techniques are needed to prevent undesirable things. In the work of cutting wood, miter saw stands are also needed when we want to make certain patterns or shapes on pieces of wood. Reference at can be used as a reference to find out the best miter saw that we can use.

If you are a jigsaw user and have experienced events where the jigsaw has been lit but the rotation is unstable, or maybe even you have experienced an event where when your jigsaw has been lit, the chain doesn’t move. it’s a small problem that often occurs and is experienced by jigsaw users

Jigsaw Cannot Start
This is commonly experienced by Jigsaw users, the more problems there are, the more enthusiastic we look for a solution, the possible causes of Jigsaw can not be started, namely: check the spark plugs Jigsaw can only spark plugs do not issue sparks, if so clean the spark plug immediately with a dry cloth spark plug gap with the standard 0.65mm, see if the spark plug is still suitable for use or not. Jigsaw leaks so that fuel from Jigsaw spills into the ignition/combustion chamber.

Jigsaw switch on but the chain does not rotate.
The reason is that the jigsaw chain does not rotate even though the engine is running. The chain settings are too tight, the bar or chain is broken, the gear is broken, it could also be how to attach the wrong chain and the chain brake moves. well to overcome if this happens by releasing the chain brake, pull the chain brake back to the sound, then automatically the chain brake lock will open. We can reset the chain tension between 1 to 1.5mm.