How to choose furniture that is safe for children

Not just making adult furniture in small sizes, designing and choosing children’s furniture requires in-depth research. The factors of age, needs, behavior of children in their activities, and interactions between children and objects or spaces are things to be reckoned with. In designing children’s furniture, the function factor remains a priority compared to decorative matters with a record still able to provide a pleasant experience. You can visit to get the best chair.

The following are some tips for choosing furniture that is safe and fun:

1. Eating Facilities
Eating activities for children also stimulate communication with the whole family when eating together at one table. For children’s dining furniture, the height of the chair and footrest must be ensured as comfortable as possible. Baby high chair, for example, the height of a table from the floor should ideally be around 72.5 centimeters and the total height is around 82 centimeters. The selection of bright colors is recommended so that the contrast with the color of food and leftover food that falls can be seen clearly. Because children tend to find it difficult to eat, furniture and cutlery in an attractive form are needed.

2. Playing and Learning
Because the world of children cannot be separated from play activities, teaching methods for children still need elements of play in optimizing their essence. To avoid feeling bored, the learning process in children requires the transfer of more persuasive forms.

3. Safe Material
For children’s furniture, the safest material is solid wood that has been woven with finishing waterbased paint or non-toxic. For Yamatoya, who has been engaged in this industry since 93 years ago, wood material has many positive influences, such as the sensation of being comfortable to the touch to presenting unique visuals as the wood ages, such as increasingly yellowing colors or patterns that are increasingly visible.

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